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Winter, 2015

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A war has been brewing. We have spent all of our resources to develop a machine capable of bringing down fleet after fleet of enemies, but it was too little too late. Use the device, A.F.T.E.R.G.L.O.W. to take as many enemies as you can with us as our country burns to cinder. Jerry Belich developed this hardware based game as an excuse to use a rotary dial from a Bell 500 telephone, using classic games such as Tempest and Missile Command as inspiration for the high score competitive play. With a corresponding ring of LEDs, he uses the rotary as input to attack directionally, as well as create a radar scan effect that reveals hidden enemies. They fade away over time so you must continue scanning, which also updates the distance of enemy ships by changing their color from green to yellow, to orange, and finally red. A large red button allows you to release a huge explosion, destroying just about anything within the range of the radar.


Jerry started ripping apart rotary phones the summer of 2014. Many others have before him, but he wanted to use the various inputs and outputs of a standard rotary telephone as components of various game designs. This is one such game, specifically pulling in the rotary.


  • Rotary input!
  • Explosions of light!
  • An isolating experience to depress you while you quietly kill an unknown enemy!
  • Many waves of enemies!
  • At least 6 enemy types, including a boss!
  • COMING SOON: Lo-Fi audio!


A.F.T.E.R.G.L.O.W. YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Fantastic Arcade, Official Selection" Austin, TX, 28 September, 2015
  • "Bit Bash, Official Selection" Chicago, IL, 22 August, 2015
  • "Alt.Ctrl.GDC, Official Selection" San Francisco, CA, 4 March, 2015
  • "Itty Bitty Bash, Unofficial Selection" Chicago, IL, 25 February, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "I ended up walking back to the Afterglow machine several times throughout the night, and whenever someone asked me what they should spent some time with, I pointed at the briefcase."
    - Patrick Klepek, Kotaku
  • "Afterglow was quite fun, and I would like to have tried it again, but there was always a line for it."
    - Jake Sapir, That Video Game Blog
  • "It's a little genius—the antiquated phone dial imposes a physical limitation on how fast you can fire missiles, and it can get pretty tense."
    - Sean Buckley, Gizmodo
  • "The suitcase controls of A.F.T.E.R.G.L.O.W. are straight out of a '60s Cold War movie."
    - Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica
  • "Dial the number corresponding to the missile's position to destroy them, or press the big red panic button to blow everything to kingdom come."
    - Dan Tynan, Yahoo! Tech

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About Jerrytron

Jerry Belich is an alternative game designer, using hardware, electronics, and software to create immersive interactive and storytelling experiences. He went independent in 2013 after a decade of professional software development, now consulting for other indies and companies in game design, narrative writing, and installation work. His first hardware project, the award winning Choosatron, has traveled all over the world, featured at dozens of events, and sparked imaginations all along the way! He plans on continuing creating his own inventions and games, and hopes to help many others to do the same through his talks, workshops, and being open about his own work.

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Maker, Game Designer

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