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Winter, 2015

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Your mother, a robot, thinks it’s time that you start cooking your own meals. Welcome to Robo Mama’s Cooking Kitchen, where you, the adopted child of a robot mama, must follow her directions to a T, lest ye be branded a robo failure. Kristina Durivage and Jerry Belich teamed up to modify a child’s kitchen playset, and turn it into a playable electronic game where you cook a meal. The stove knobs, faucet, clock, and frying pan have all been wired up to create an interactive experience with an array of embedded lights to provide instructions, and tell you if you are doing a good job or failing miserably. The result is a frantic, interactive digital cooking experience with random meals each play!


Kristina and Jerry decided to team up for the Internet of Things Hackday hosted in Minneapolis, MN on October 18th 2014. Kristina had just found a childrens kitchen playset on Craigslist for $5, and Jerry has been a long time fan of Cooking Mama games, so the decision was made to hack the playset however they could to make a fun, interactive experience.


  • Digital faucet that flows cold, then hot water, with a conductive tip!
  • Frying pan with cunductive pads able to recognize six unique vegetables!
  • A virtual stove capable of multiple temperature ranges!
  • An array of RGB leds to instruct and validate your gameplay!
  • A running clock!


Robo Mama's Cooking Kitchen YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "ALT.CTRL.GDC, Official Selection" San Francisco, CA, 4 March, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "All this needs is a tiny plastic Gordon Ramsay screaming at you."
    - Josh Valcarcel, WIRED
  • "Kitchen playsets have never been more interactive or more terrifying."
    - Dan Tynan, Yahoo! Tech
  • "It's not all that fun, but I was kind of mesmerized by the digital faucet."
    - Sean Buckley, Gizmodo
  • "Oh, to live in a world where wacky controllers like these can find a place in the market...without needing to be shaped like musical instruments."
    - Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica

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Jerry Belich is an alternative game designer, using hardware, electronics, and software to create immersive interactive and storytelling experiences. He went independent in 2013 after a decade of professional software development, now consulting for other indies and companies in game design, narrative writing, and installation work. His first hardware project, the award winning Choosatron, has traveled all over the world, featured at dozens of events, and sparked imaginations all along the way! He plans on continuing creating his own inventions and games, and hopes to help many others to do the same through his talks, workshops, and being open about his own work.

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Jerry Belich

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