About Me


Hello weary traveler!
I am Jerry Belich, an independent game designer and developer, with a particular passion for telling stories, and bringing interactive experiences into the physical spaces we inhabit.


I grew up in Minnesota, nestled in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, creating my own worlds from a young age inspired by interactive books. I would tell my own interactive stories to friends, create them on my first computer with QBasic, and became absorbed with the communal storytelling of online MUDs and MUSHes.

I started creating video games in high school with a few friends, publishing under Astral Entertainment.  At college I studied computer science and theatre, as well as going to LA for a semester of film studies. I wanted to understand how I could combine technical, creative, and performance into my work. Fortunately while in LA, I got to work with Ray Bradbury, where I directed the digital effects of the first stage production of Fahrenheit 451.

After college I went to various technical jobs, always working on side-projects, learning more about telling stories, weaving narratives, and learning to create things people would want to engage with. In 2011 I took a job at an agency called Clockwork in NE, Minneapolis. I served as the senior mobile developer, but also worked on various small and large-scale installations. This was where I realized just how accessible and affordable microcontroller and hardware components had become.

After expressing interest in Arduino hardware while working with a creative team, they sent one to me, which began my journey down the rabbit hole of microcomputers and mad science!

My first, and favorite, hardware project was the Choosatron. After a lot of encouragement from others, I decided to turn it into something more than a personal toy, and ran a highly successful kickstarter for it, funding at $75k from a requested $22k!

Projects like the Choosatron, and my want to explore this unique Venn intersection of game design, story telling, and making, prompted me to go independent. This time has allowed me to get heavily involved in speaking to other creators and students all over the world, sharing everything I’ve learned and new areas of set out to discover.