Channel invites you to commune with the invisible transmissions all around us. It taps into ghost signals serving the echoes and reruns of the past: people we watched and loved that are now all but lost, and soon will disappear entirely. When the conditions are right, Channel comes to life and spells out a message from one such ghost happening to pass through moments before. To remember is to give new life, so please: sit, open your mind, and chant this invitation, “Spirits of the past, move among us.

An authentic 1930s Ouija board and planchette serves as the conduit to reveal unencrypted TV signals flowing all around us through a continuous stream of closed caption phrases. Channel is designed to be installed in a public, yet somewhat secluded space just off to the side of the world we are familiar with, much like the spiritual realm if it were to exist. The board is to be set into square table beneath a clear top, surrounded by four chairs. Every 30th of a second more caption text is fed in to build a complete thought, replacing any previously lingering unexamined thought. This initial iteration chooses moments at random configurable intervals to come to life and begin spelling out the most recent thought, often transmitted just seconds before. A message in the installation will ask visitors to sit, invite others to join, take hands, and open themselves in hopes of catching a passing spector. Each edge of the table or each chair will have a hidden sensor to detect the presence of a visitor, reducing the wait time, though the exact moment of arrival will never be known.