Nature Machn

Nature Machn is a meditation for those with too much mental static to be alone with their own thoughts, a collection of digitized nature simulations attempting to capture facets of the calming systems at play in the natural world. There are currently four unique scenes taking 6 minutes each played in sequence. Each sequence is unique every time it plays, procedurally growing and changing with layers of music composed to match each scene’s mood.

An attendee will see the tent lit from a distance as the rear projection illuminated the tent inside and out. Approaching the entrance they will notice all three walls animate and change as part of a single scene from a familiar place in nature. The music is calming yet powerful and the soft objects in the tent encourage sitting or laying down to be surrounded by uniquely changing scenes. It is calming and satisfying, allowing a moment to reflect and relax.


  • Jerry Belich (concept and design)
  • Victor Thompson (programming and design)
  1. IndieCade Night Games 2019, Nominee
    • Santa Monica, California — October 12, 2019
  2. Bit Bash 2019
    • Chicago, Illinois — August 17-18, 2019