Robo Mama’s Cooking Kitchen


Your mother, a robot, thinks it’s time that you start cooking your own meals. Welcome to Robo Mama’s Cooking Kitchen, where you, the adopted child of a robot mama, must follow her directions to a T, lest ye be branded a robo failure. Kristina Durivage and Jerry Belich teamed up to modify a child’s kitchen playset, and turn it into a playable electronic game where you cook a meal. The stove knobs, faucet, clock, and frying pan have all been wired up to create an interactive experience with an array of embedded lights to provide instructions, and tell you if you are doing a good job or failing miserably. The result is a frantic, interactive digital cooking experience with random meals each play!

  1. Alt.Ctrl.GDC, Official Selection
    • San Francisco, CA — March 4, 2015