Cosmopolitan Casino

This installation features a staggering 384 HD monitors synced across 8 towering columns.

During my tenure working at Clockwork, an award-winning and nationally recognized digital agency in Minneapolis, I was part of a three person team that developed the software and technology to synchronize simulations running across 384 hi-def displays in the lobby of the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas, as well as sync 22 projectors in The Chandelier, a Cosmo bar. I wrote approximately half of the codebase and focused on creating software capable of extremely fast and reliable data syncing so the content provided by Rockwell Labs good run smoothly!

I designed and implemented a custom data protocol to allow for extremely fast and reliably syncing between the hundreds of computers running the 384 monitors in sync. I developed testing software to monitor throughput and track errors to refine our software called ECS, or the Environmental Choreography System. Finally, I provided thorough documentation and templates to the content creators to allow them to quickly integrate their content with our system. I was on site at the Cosmopolitan Casino prior to opening to the public to assist with installation and testing of the final hardware and software.