Four players battle wirelessly around this unqiue spatial display!

Cylindrus is a game of light played around a cylindrical field of play. Up to four players move wirelessly around the cylinder of 600 LEDs as they attempt to control the battlefield, shrouded in a natural fog-of-war. Inspired by early hunt and destroy games such as Tank on the Atari, Cylindrus takes the form a step further, tapping into the movement of the players themselves, and the space they inhabit. It’s not enough to stare at the tower of light; you must also stare into the whites of your enemies eyes.

The original version of this purely hardware game, Tank Top, was made during Train Jam 2015 (an amazing game jam organized by Adriel Wallick) which takes place days prior to the Game Developers Conference. It was built using many items found on the train, such as an ice bucket, Lysol wipes container, dixie cups, and finally two white wine bottles as the player controllers. The original 240 LED display has been upgraded to 600 LEDs, and the wine bottle controllers have been replaced with fully wireless controllers, making play around the cylinder completely unimpeded!