Fahrenheit 451 Animated Stage

I directed the design of a digital stage for the premiere production.

As the Director of Digital Effects, I spearheaded a fully animated and digitized stage design for the world premiere of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 at the Garry Marshall Theatre (formerly Falcon Theatre) in Burbank, Los Angeles.

From the LA Weekly review of the show:

Director Charles Rome Smith stages the play with Spartan elegance on a large, mostly open playing space, accentuated by the backdrop of Jerry Belich's haunting, animated digital effects, beamed onto a trio of upstage screens through the action. That, with the Dolby-like quality of sound designers Dan O'Connell and Suzzy London's blaring sirens and growling Hound of the Baskervilles (a robot programmed to hunt down books and their keepers), brings home the production's technological gloss, which is thematically apt at the very least.


  • Jerry Belich - Systems Director, Effects Artist
  • Nick Denney - Digital Effects Artist
  • Wesley Horton - Digital Effects Producer