Final Retirement Saga

A Drawfee and Crunchyroll sponsored game jam game!

I was invited by Drawfee, a comedy improv drawing channel on Youtube, to lead a team for a special live-streamed game jam they hosted in New York City. As a team leader, I participated in an improv JRPG episode ahead of the event to create the theme for my team, which you can watch just below.

For my team, I selected Carol Mertz, a game designer native to Saint Louis, and Gabrielle Genevieve, an artist native to Austin. We were all flown to New York to join the other four teams and we all diligently worked all weekend long as a team of videographers captured the event live. When the event was complete a short documentary was put together to show off all of the projects.

Our game, Final Retirement Saga, is about exploring an old folks home filled with anthropomorphized animals at retirement age, and collecting all of their delicious Wub-Dub brand jello cups. The game was also made playable with an actual set of jello cups where you simply had to stick your fingers in the jello to control your avatar on screen. It was an incredible exercise in combining the slapdash creative mess of a game jam with live feedback from online fans and a bit of comedy for good measure!