Gerry Game Won

A physical game where the players are naval vessels commanding the seas.

Since the inception of Bit Bash, a Chicago based game festival, I’ve been invited to bring my games to exhibit. Prior to the event in 2015 while visiting a friend on the Bit Bash team I noticed my name listed on their ‘expected games’ list with the entry Jerry Game One. I inquired and the reply was that they assumed I’d be bringing at least one game as per usual! And so I began working on a new game for Bit Bash 2015: Gerry Game Won.

This game is meant to be played in a large physical space, approximately twenty by forty feet, with six total players. There is a minimal set of game pieces required, all of which can be simply printed or made at home, and all actions and movement are accomplished using the capabilities and limits of the player's bodies. In the game, there are three German spies, one on each of three islands. The German team wants to retrieve their spies, and the British team wants to capture them.

This game is inspired and very loosely based on The Battle of Jutland, a WWI naval battle. The title refers to the Germans as Gerry and Game Won because of the contention about which side actually won the battle. Don’t read too much into it. It was a fun challenge to create a game within the constraints of the joke title and I wanted to create something that could be played with a minimum of components, outside, and with friends.

Gerry Game Won - v1.0 Print & Play PDF