Prototyping for Play: A multi-button math game!

This project appeared in the Prototyping for Play video course published through O'Reilly Media, as part of segment 6 titled:

Let's Burn the Keyboard!

This project is to serve as a fun example for creating a custom hardware game without code, using free software everyone already has, and a HID (human interface device) emulator. The gameplay is focused on the physical interaction and engaging multiple players.

Software: Calculator

Players: 2 Versus

Technical: A box is used as a base to install thirteen buttons in total. Ten arcade buttons, two extra large buttons, and one momentary switch to be held for either large button to work. The ten buttons all have either a number or mathematical symbol assigned to them, while the large buttons have the 'clear equation' or 'result' commands.

Rules: The two players decide which of them is playing for even or odd, and is attempting to force the equation input to result in such a fashion. Fractions are not allowed. Each player must be careful when then hold the middle switch, as the other playing may hit clear to reset the value!

Optional Extra: Use the built in OSX calculator and turn on it’s Speech options. For a normal round, have Speak Button Pressed and Speak Result active. For harder difficulty, just have Speak Result on!




EZ-Key Setup

  1. Download and install the software Processing 3.
  2. Open Processing, open the Tools menu, and select Install "processing-java". Follow the instructions.
  3. Close processing.
  4. Download the [EZ-Key Mathematical Remap]( {{ site.url }}/assets/files/p/pfp/ processing project zip file, and uncompress it. You must leave the resulting folder named as it is.
  5. Follow the EZ-Key powering instructions at this link.
  6. Follow the EZ-Key pairing instructions at this link and connect to your computer. (Click here for additional help with pairing if you are using Windows)
  7. Open the EZ-Key_mathematical_remap folder you uncompressed, and double-click to open the EZ-Key_mathematical_remap.pde file. Processing should open with the project displayed.
  8. Make sure your EZ-Key is connected to your computer (powered and paired), and hit the circled triangle, or open the Sketch menu and select Run.
  9. The new key inputs are now saved to your EZ-Key!

Note: If you are having connection issues with your EZ-Key and using batteries, make sure your power source is fresh!