Reel Steal

A heist game for the Playdate!

Reel Steal is a challenging heist game that was created as a free launch title for the Playdate Catalog. I also helped with the other free launch title Recommendation Dog!!. Both projects were run by Sweet Baby Inc with an emphasis on giving newer talents to the industry real world experience and a credit for their portfolios. There were more experienced professionals (like me!) involved to help facilitate production and provide some mentorship.

For this project I was brought on board at the end of development for bug fixing and framerate optimization. As the Playdate is a computationally limited device, you have to use optimization tricks that used to be common in computer games to maintain consistant framerates. You can find out more about the project on the Reel Steal Playdate Page.



  1. Playdate ReleaseFree Release TitlePlaydate Catalog LaunchMarch 7, 2023