A Pirate Jam 2020 game with a disturbing truth...

Tastemmals (or Tastimals... maybe Taste'imals, perhaps Tasteimals... no, Taste'em'alls???) was made during Pirate Jam 2020. It started as a joke between myself and the Free Lives creative director, Evan Greenwood. It ended as a terrifying exploration into a dark future where the genetic alteration of life and meat has created abominations. The game itself, the entire experience, is in fact an abomination. We became driven, no obsessed, by eschewing anything that could be considered good taste.

I cannot recommend enough that you don’t watch the video below or keep up with future development progress. Sadly, we are continuing to work on it.


  • Jerry Belich - Game / Narrative Designer, Writing, Vocals / Sound Design
  • Evan Greenwood - Game / Narrative Designer, Programmer, Animator