Find a summary of my creative and work history below. Click the following link for a concise list of my Speaking Engagements, and below for a downloadable resume.

Relevant Projects


  • A Soviet radar simulation game and briefcase installation using recovered hardware.
  • Progression system w/ varying enemy difficulty, types, and numbers
  • Online integration with Twitter, and a high score table

The Choosatron

  • An award-winning physically interactive storytelling platform and arcade game.
  • C++ firmware w/ advanced variable and story logic parser
  • Progression system w/ varying enemy difficulty, types, and numbers
  • Successful Kickstarter raising $75k, shipped 550 units from China
  • Cross-platform story authoring in a custom Chrome application


  • A visually stunning interactive journey through a stylized world of choice and consequence.
  • Fleshed out backstories of all game world characters
  • Wrote original content for new areas of the game

Nature Machn

  • A 10′ by 10′ tent with three rear-projection walls meant to create an inviting and relaxing space
  • Numerous procedurally generated nature scenes grow and change to original music
  • An engaging and meditative experience not requiring the audience to understand or ‘win’


  • A real-time, location-based interactive fiction mystery game commissioned for the Northern Spark festival.
  • Cross-platform Unity game released on iOS and Android
  • Designed the game, organized the team, developed all software
  • Many hours of content unfolding in real-time

Please Stand By

  • An exploration into the past using the original components from a 1951 Capehart TV.
  • Controls include power on / volume, shader, balance, channel, reception antennas, and even striking the sides of the TV
  • History, puzzles, and exploration in a unique form

Robo Mama’s Cooking Kitchen

  • An experiment turning a cheap, kitchen play set off Craigslist into an interactive experience.
  • Created in one day with development partner Kristina Durivage
  • Enhanced all kitchen components, making the knobs, faucet, clock, and digital frying pan responsive to the player

Utopia Room

  • An award-winning escape-the-room style game, installed at the Riddle Room in NE, Minneapolis in Minnesota
  • A collaboration between Jerry Belich and David Pisa, designing a complex physical set, with mechanical and custom electronics interface and puzzles
  • A focus on narrative, discovery, and collaborative problem solving
  • Custom high-tech systems that run the room autonomously

Employment and Experience


Experimental Experience & Game Designer | 2012 – Present

Miami University

Armstrong Professor in College of Creative Arts | 2016 – 2019

  • Helped develop the new game design degree now offered
  • Created numerous original curriculums for teaching game development and design
  • Taught games as alternative controllers as a unique creative tool for prototyping and design
  • Connected teams of students with professional game development teams for ambitious game capstones (Young Horses of Octodad being the first)


Senior Mobile Developer | 2010 – 2014

  • Led mobile development / performed as tech lead on many native and cross-platform mobile projects
  • Worked closely with clients / ran client demos
  • Was a key member of a small dev team that wrote software managing a large-scale installation in a Las Vegas hotel
  • Designed and implemented installations, including Flip-Dots

The Nerdery

Mobile Developer | 2009 – 2010

  • Developed many native mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Designed interactive simulations using Actionscript 3

Mural Ventures

Software Engineer | 2008 – 2009*

Symantec Corporation

Software Engineer | 2004 – 2008*

Lockheed Martin

Software Engineer | 2003 – 2004*


Software Tools Programmer | 2001 – 2003*

* additional details supplied on request

Grants and Awards




Languages and Libraries

C, C++, C#, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Python, Haxe


Unity3D, Unreal, GameMaker Studio 2, Xcode, Visual Studio .Net, Git, Subversion, Eclipse, Arduino, Chat Mapper, Google Docs Suite


Miami University

MFA in Experience Design, Spring 2019

Bethel University

BA in Computer Science, Spring 2003

Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Los Angeles Film Studies Center, Fall 2002

Game Jam Projects

Final Retirement Saga

Drawfee, a comedy improv drawing channel on Youtube, hosted a game jam in New York City. As a team leader, Jerry participated in an improv JRPG episode to create the theme for his team during the event.

Ghost Dentist VR

A VR game created for Train Jam 2017 with the custom hardware peripheral – “VibraJaw.” Play as a ghost dentist, who can only operate on patients by possessing them and having them perform dentistry on themselves.

  • C++ firmware and developed on a Teensy 3.2
  • Made in two days on the Train Jam from Chicago to San Francisco

Tank Top

A custom hardware game based off Atari’s Tank using a cylindrical LED display and two thumb joystick controllers.

  • C++ firmware and developed on a Particle Core
  • Made in two days on the Train Jam from Chicago to San Francisco

Polite Dinner Extreme

A fast paced versus game about eating food as fast as you can while dodging your opponent’s empty plates!

  • Made with Unity in two days for Barfcade, driving to Austin, TX
  • Authenticate NES color palette

Other Projects


Movie Swedes


  • Director of Digital Effects for the first stage production of Fahrenheit 451 with Ray Bradbury



  • Alternative Controller workshop called Burn the Keyboard to teach all ages to find their creative process through physical, electronic, and digital toy and game design
  • Taught a class at the Loft Literary Center for kids 12-14, Creative Writing & Game Design with the Choosatron