High on Knife (DLC)

High on Knife DLC gives Knifey his chance to shine!

After High on Life, I continued at Squanch Games as a Senior Designer focusing on content and narrative for the DLC High on Knife. Although I touched numerous areas, my focus was Salt Lick City progression and ensuring the enourmous amount of dialog and narrative in such a small space worked as smoothly as possible.

For my systems work, I brought new video into the DLC (on the TV at the house, TVs throughout the mission, Cheeks) and was integral to the pipeline getting all the recorded voice work ready for implementation. Squanch Games is such an incredible team, I'm continually surprised what we are able to accomplish with so few people, but we all do our best to support each other.

Here is the launch trailer.

High on Knife Official Launch Trailer

If you want to purchase it for your Xbox, take a look at the Xbox High on Knife DLC page!