High on Life

High on Life is a comedic first-person shooter game that broke release records on Game Pass!

I was a narrative and content design for High on Life. Since Squanch Games isn't a huge team (was around ~55 by release) I was able to have a large impact on the final game, from the games hub house, weird alien television play, and NPCs across Blim City and other areas of the game. The truth is everyone on the team was wickedly talented and we all made each other better. It was a pleasure to work on such a bizarre and high profile title with such a weird bunch!

As of release at the end of 2022, High on Life was the biggest 3rd party Game Pass launch on Xbox. Just a few months into 2023 the last numbers I heard were 7.5 million unique players, which still blows my mind.

Also, I'm proud that the ability to pay your bill at Space Applebee's, along with the achievement to go with it, were both my doing. Good job me!

We've also released the High on Knife DLC, so take a look!

Here is the launch trailer.

High on Life Official Launch Trailer

What better compliment than Zero Puncuation not hating your game?

Zero Puncuation Review #1

And then making TWO videos about it? Bucket list, check.

Zero Puncuation Review #2

If you want to purchase it for your Xbox, take a look at the Xbox High on Life page!



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