Interactive Fiction & Writing Samples

A sampling of IF stories, game dialogue, and narrative I have written.

Alice in Puzzleland Escape Room

This design was commissioned and completed in about a month, resulting in a comprehensive 190 page design document covering every aspect of the experience. Take a look at the project page for more, and feel free to request private access to the document if you wish to review concerning potential employment.

Utopia Room Escape Room

This was designed and implemented by a two person team (including myself). It won an international award in 2017 and is considered the most popular room in the Twin Cities. If you’d like to learn more about the design process take a look at the project page or at the Utopia Room Design Report - Warning: 105 MB PDF.

Interactive Fiction for The Choosatron

All IF on this page was written by Jerry Belich.

Interactive Fiction for A MAZE Magazine

Dyscourse Gameplay & Dialogue

Here is a short sample of gameplay and dialogue.

Here is a longer gameplay sample.

And finally, a sample from the Indie Island DLC.

MysteryPhone - A Narrative Location Based Game

I'm working on getting this functional from an older version of Unity. Samples can be provided upon request until then.