Welcome to the Alt Ctrl Bootcamp!

This set of information and tutorials is meant for creative people that want to get started building hardware interfaces for digital experiences. Specifically, we will be focusing on emulating human interface devices or HIDs. These are a class of interface device that anyone using a computer is already used to and just about any computing system is capable of talking to.

Ok, let’s take a step back from the jargon for a second! What we are talking about are keyboards, mice, joysticks, gamepads, even touch screens! These are interfaces because they allow you, the human, to interface with the machine, to tell it what you want it to do. In fact, I bet you are using one right now!

It is because these devices are so common and how they talk standardized that we can make our own interfaces that pretend to act like them. If you plug a standard USB keyboard into a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, or even an Android phone or iPhone (with a cheap adaptor likely), it’ll just work. Emulating a HID is borrowing this amazing ability.

This set of tutorials will grow over time, but the initial goal is the same. Give you a path to invest in learning more, including a basic set of parts to buy and starter code that will allow you to focus on some simply wiring, and presto!

If you have any feedback, please head to jerrytron.com and use the contact form.

Let’s get started!

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