Your First Button

The best part about the starter code you uploaded is that it will automatically check any buttons you hook up to the Teensy. So, let’s hook up a button and see something happen! After that, we’ll take a step back and learn more about the Teensy, it’s pins, and how you can start customizing the starter code.

By the end of this section we should be able to connect your Teensy to your computer and it work like a keyboard!

The Humble Wire Cutter

We’ll need to cut a few pieces of wire so we have something to hook up our button with. You’ll need to find your solid core wire, strand wire, and wire stripper. If you examine your wire stripper you’ll notice the inside of the jaw is flat, that is used for cutting wire.

This is your wire stripper. Get to know this tool, it is your best friend!

Wire Stripper
If you haven’t stripped wire before, take a look at this Working with Wire Tutorial. Take a few minutes to practice before the next steps.

List of Supplies

  • 2 x 5 inch (or longer) pieces of strand wire

  • 2 x 3 inch (or longer) pieces of solid core wire

  • Teensy LC

  • Breadboard

  • Arcade Button

Stripping Some Wire

If you aren’t sure which spool of wire is strand or solid core, just bend it a little. The stiffer wire is solid core!

Take each piece of strand wire and strip about an inch off of each end. Then take each piece of solid core wire and strip 1/2 inch off each end.

Please always wear your safety goggles when you are you cutting, stripping, or soldering wire!
Supplies Needed
Figure 1. All the supplies you need.

Threaded Wires
Figure 2. Carefully twist each end of the strand wire (toward left).

Twist Wires
Figure 3. Twist one strand wire around one solid core wire.

Capped Wires
Figure 4. Push cap on gently and twist until it resists.

Wires in Breadboard
Figure 5. Repeat the previous steps twice so you have two sets of wire.

Closeup Wires
Figure 6. Connect the solid wire ends to ground and pin 21 as shown.

Button Threaded
Figure 7. Thread either strand wire end through either button lead.

Button Twisted
Figure 8. Wrap the excess wire around the metal lead.

Both Connections
Figure 9. Repeat with the other wire end on the other lead.

Figure 10. This is how your button hookup should look!

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