Alt Ctrl Projects

Cute'em Up :)

A Pirate Jam 2020 game with an adorable aesthetic.

Messy Crossings

A Pirate Jam 2020 game about trying to cross the street.

Sloppy Shopping

A Pirate Jam 2020 game about birthday shopping for your friend.

Sun and Rain

A Pirate Jam 2020 game about growing a mushroom garden.

Burning Ritual

A burning ritual with a handmade connected candle.

Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2018 Award

An IGF commissioned, highly interactive award.


A 'living' Ouija board that channels messages from local TV signals.

Ghost Dentist VR

A self-dentistry game in VR with haptic feedback!


Four players battle wirelessly around this unqiue spatial display!

Please Stand By

A fully interactive 1951 Capehart TV exploring the US relationship with war via a series of interactive vignettes.

Zig Zegg

Prototyping for Play: A remote controlled egg using vibration!


Prototyping for Play: A twitter commanded remote control car!


Prototyping for Play: Make a game with a rotary phone!


Prototyping for Play: A multi-button math game!

Luftrausers Alt Ctrl

Prototyping for Play: Learn to become what you play!

Luftrausers Arcade

Prototyping for Play: Build your own arcade controller!


A retro, rotary dial controlled missile simulator game in a briefcase.

Robo Mama's Cooking Kitchen

A prototype interactive kitchen using a $5 Craigslist toy.

Tank Top

A prototype cylindrical display battle game built on a train.

The Choosatron

An award-winning interactive fiction storytelling machine.