High on Knife (DLC)

High on Knife DLC gives Knifey his chance to shine!

Compliment Machine

A machine making museum visitors feel good.

Reel Steal

A heist game for the Playdate!

Recommendation Dog!!

An adorable action-puzzle Playdate game about a Dog with a big job!

High on Life

High on Life is a comedic first-person shooter game that broke release records on Game Pass!

Interactive Fiction & Writing Samples

A sampling of IF stories, game dialogue, and narrative I have written.


This custom website, powered by Gatsby.

Cute'em Up :)

A Pirate Jam 2020 game with an adorable aesthetic.


A Pirate Jam 2020 game about exploring the great deep.

Messy Crossings

A Pirate Jam 2020 game about trying to cross the street.

Sloppy Shopping

A Pirate Jam 2020 game about birthday shopping for your friend.

Sun and Rain

A Pirate Jam 2020 game about growing a mushroom garden.


A Pirate Jam 2020 game with a disturbing truth...

Burning Ritual

A burning ritual with a handmade connected candle.

Nature Machn

A projection installation with a calm space to enjoy procedural nature scenes featuring original music.

Mushm Gardn

A procedurally generated alien mushm gardn!

Tiny Tombstones

For Artober 2018 I wrote a unique insect epitaph every day of the month.

Alice in Puzzleland

A 190 page original 'Alice' themed escape room design.

Dark Side of Balloon

Balloons bouyantly battle in this sinister physics brawler!

Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2018 Award

An IGF commissioned, highly interactive award.

Final Retirement Saga

A Drawfee and Crunchyroll sponsored game jam game!


A 'living' Ouija board that channels messages from local TV signals.

🏆 Utopia Room

An award-winning escape room about brainwashing in a dystopian future.

Ghost Dentist VR

A self-dentistry game in VR with haptic feedback!


Four players battle wirelessly around this unqiue spatial display!

A MAZE Magazine IF

Original interactive fiction stories published in four print issues.

Please Stand By

A fully interactive 1951 Capehart TV exploring the US relationship with war via a series of interactive vignettes.

Zig Zegg

Prototyping for Play: A remote controlled egg using vibration!


Prototyping for Play: A twitter commanded remote control car!

Gerry Game Won

A physical game where the players are naval vessels commanding the seas.

Mini-mini Dragon Golf

Prototyping for Play: Mini golf built with littleBits!


Prototyping for Play: Make a game with a rotary phone!


Prototyping for Play: A multi-button math game!

Luftrausers Alt Ctrl

Prototyping for Play: Learn to become what you play!

Luftrausers Arcade

Prototyping for Play: Build your own arcade controller!


Enjoy my complex and rewarding narrative in this 'Lord of the Flies' style game by Owlchemy.


A retro, rotary dial controlled missile simulator game in a briefcase.

Robo Mama's Cooking Kitchen

A prototype interactive kitchen using a $5 Craigslist toy.

Tank Top

A prototype cylindrical display battle game built on a train.

Polite Dinner Extreme

An NES inspired, fast-paced versus eating game!


A western themed tabletop game I designed in a dream.


A commissioned week-long location based interactive fiction game played across Minneapolis art museums.

🏆 The Choosatron

An award-winning interactive fiction storytelling machine.

Cosmopolitan Casino

This installation features a staggering 384 HD monitors synced across 8 towering columns.

CONvergence: Bring on the Bad Guys

We animated two original sequences for CONvergence 2010!

Fahrenheit 451 Animated Stage

I directed the design of a digital stage for the premiere production.